Why Does My Horse Act Like That?

You already love your horse, now get to know him a little better.

“What a fun book! Great concept! It challenges the individual to make a serious and honest assessment of oneself, to determine a positive fit for you and your equine partner.”

Mark Guynn

Trainer/Coach/AQHA, HRHA and NRCHA Judge

What if you knew your horse’s personality and temperament?

Well, you can, thanks to Equusology. Equusology is the art of human-equine relationship. Until now, there were plenty of personality tests for humans, but nothing that helped humans understand their own personality and that of their horses. Equusology does just that. The entertaining Equusology text, questionnaires, stories, and examples bring humans and their equine partners into clearer communication and deeper understanding of one another. And the Keirsey Temperament Sorter (for humans) and Equusology sorter (for horses) make the process fun and enlightening.

Authors Melisa Pearce and Carolyn Fitzpatrick are the perfect guides on your journey to know your horse.


Melisa Pearce is the founder of Touched by a Horse® and the creator of the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®.


Carolyn Fitzpatrick is a Certified Equine Gestalt Method practitioner and the creator of the Trust-Based Equine Partnership Training Method.

Both Melisa and Carolyn are committed to telling the world that horses have personalities, just like humans. Humans can be evaluated to determine what their preferences are in certain areas. So can horses.

Whoa! Where did that reaction come from?

Most of us have had an experience that left us wondering why the horse did something that seemed so out of character. Was it pure obstinacy, disobedience, or confusion? After all, you feed him, groom him, and work with him. You have learned about natural horsemanship methods, but you still feel that you and your horse are often listening to different drummers. What’s the deal?

The answers to these questions and many more are in this book. Equusology exposes the missing link that you have been searching for to cultivate a more rewarding relationship with your horse. Equusology is the study of human and horse typologies. Within our pages, you will find illustrations and explanations relating to what you have been observing, and now you will be able to justify your interactions with your horse.

This is the first book that explains the importance of knowing both your temperament and your horse’s temperament.

“Equusology is a remarkable book written by two remarkable women. My horse Shadow became one of Melisa’s healing horses, so I know something about the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®. This book will not only become a valuable tool for anyone using that method, it will also add to the understanding of horse people everywhere about the horse-human relationship.

John White

John Lyons Certified Trainer

It also provides the keys to compatibility with your horse. No longer will you wonder why your horse seems to gaze around a huge area when you bring him to a location that is new to him. No longer will you be mystified by the fact that he walks partially towards you when you are at the gate, then stops to look at you before continuing on to join you. No longer will you be frustrated because he wants to act up when you school him for hours in the ring. No longer will you feel perplexed about what approach you should take when you want to expose your horse to a new skill.

“As an equine behaviorist and natural horsewoman, I see the differences in personality, character, and temperament in all the horses I meet. Each horse is unique. Understanding and knowing how to work with these distinct facets can mean the difference between failure and success. Equusology will give you the insights to discovering your true nature and the nature of your horse, enabling you to come together in genuine partnership.”

Anna Twinney

Founder of Reach Out To Horses

Your Horse Will Thank You

There are many excellent books available on natural horsemanship, equine nutrition, and stable management, individual horse breeds, and the many disciplines that horses and humans partner in. But this book explains horse-human dynamics by applying the time-tested Keirsey Temperament Sorter and our newly created Equusology Temperament Sorter. With this information, you and your horse can better cocreate a relationship with one another that is enjoyable, satisfying, and intimate—a true human-equine partnership.

How Does Equusology Work?

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Join Melisa Pearce for an informative webinar to explore the basic typology of horses and their human partners. This webinar will amplify your understanding and practical uses of Equusology.

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Within two days, you will learn why it is important for you to know your typology and your horse’s typology.  Using the Equusology Sorter and fun exercises you will determine: How your horse relaxes, how your horse learns new skills, how your horse makes decisions for himself, and how your horse views the world.

These clinics are open to horses of all ages.  They do not have to be under saddle. The clinic is not about changing training equipment – it is totally about understanding the psychological differences we all have and celebrating those differences for enhanced pleasure and greater compatibility for all.

June 11 & 12
The Beer Ranch
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2017 Planned Clinics!

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